Top Tips for Choosing the Right Venue for your Wedding

We’ve compiled our top 5 list of things to consider when finding the perfect venue for your wedding.

1 – Budget

Whatever your budget, it’s easy to get carried away & spend more than you have!! Each venue will also offer its own packages, so make sure you ask about what’s included in the hire price & what extras you’re going to have to take into consideration. Most will include table names, place names & a seating plan board at the very least, but many don’t!

Some venues require you to organise your own decorations, catering & entertainment, while others will have all this included in the price. Take your pen & paper & get a full breakdown on your visit. A good venue will have all this for you in their brochure, but it does no harm to take your own notes too!

2 – Guest Numbers

Whether you’re having 20 guests or 120, have a good idea of your numbers before you visit. Some venues only cater for a certain number or above, such as 70. Others only accept small parties.  It may be that larger venues have more than one area for wedding parties of differing sizes, with minimum & maximum numbers. Also, consider if you would like access to an outside area for summer weddings.

3 – The date!

Many venues are booked at least a year in advance, so a degree of flexibility is required.  It might be possible to get your name down on a cancellation for a specific date, but this is a risky strategy! Be prepared to change your date to ensure you get to use the venue of your dreams.

4 – Personality

From country houses & castles to modern buildings or outside only venues, talk to your partner first and try to agree on a venue that suits both your personalities.  If you love the grandeur of a traditional castle wedding but your partner would prefer something a little more casual, try to find a way to compromise to accommodate both your tastes.

5 – Facilities

Do you want somewhere with accommodation on site? Somewhere close to a church for the traditional ceremony? Outside space? An area for children that’s secure?

These are some of the questions you’ll need to have in mind before visiting venues.  Many elderly relatives will want to disappear early without travelling to a different place & guests travelling some distance will also prefer to stay over somewhere close.

Here at Russets Country House, we book the entire venue for you & you only, with stunning gardens & amazing interior space including a nightclub style party space for the evening.

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